Lim Chee Aun

Creepy Gmail

Gmail invitation section on the sidebar of the Blogger Dashboard web page

Searching for the term 'Gmail' on Google is a bad idea. It just creeps me out. I've found out that Gtray is pretty useful, but unfortunately it doesn't work with Firefox. G-Mailto looks interesting, but it overrides the default action of mailto: links. This 1 Gb email service has been good for me. I've sent a suggestion to the Gmail team, regarding the cluttered interface of Gmail's email listing. I supposed one of the most serious bug in Gmail is its inaccessibility and heavy dependency on Javascript. After a week of using Gmail, now I get six invitations for giveaway. At first, I thought that these invitations are only available for active users based on their usage statistics. Actually, there is no secret behind it because the invitations are given randomly. I got Gmail because I'm invited by Asa Dotzler. I'm surprised to see that even the Google/Blogger guys invite me. I just had a look at the Blogger Dashboard and found a small Gmail invitation section on the right sidebar of the web page. As an active Blogger user, would I like to give it a whirl? No, thanks. I already have an account, and it's enough. Now, I'm looking forward to send invitations to my friends. If I have few invitations left, I might start a Gmail giveaway contest. So, stay tuned.