Double Surprises

This morning, the weather was better than yesterday. I felt energetic throughout the lessons conducted in my class. After school, I went to my Pengajian Am tuition. Later, I went home and had few minutes to get online. Once connected, I immediately checked out MozillaZine and my bloglines. I had two surprises.

One, Mozilla Firefox 0.9 released! I immediately download it! While downloading in the background, I read the release notes and found the new Mozilla Update, which serves as a repository for themes and extensions. At the same time, I also found the new Mozilla Store, selling some cool Mozilla stuff. Really, I like the Firefox T-shirt very much. The downloading process took 23 minutes and 2 seconds. After that, I didn't install it, yet, because I need to back up my bookmarks and customisations, just in case if anything get messed up. I think I'll do everything by tomorrow.

Two, I'm one of the winners of Asa's Gmail giveaway drawing! Wow, this is so great! Thanks a lot, Asa! I fired up my email client to contact him so that he can send me the invitation link. Also to prove that I'm still alive, and not merely someone who happens to pass by his weblog and post something there just to get Gmail. In the next few days, I might post my experiences using this email service.

By the way, I noticed that my Winstripe-related posts few days ago received some attention from the Firefox community. Steven Garrity, the Visual Design Coordinator of the Firefox project, has taken my posts to the Mozilla Visual Identity Team. Whoa, I never thought that my amateurish opinions on icons design are being reviewed by experts. I guess I should be more careful next time when posting my opinions online.