Lim Chee Aun

Firefox theme drama

I've been reading. A lot. About the upcoming default theme for Firefox that has been haunting quite a number of people lately. The new theme is called Winstripe, replacing Arvid Axelsson's Qute. Reading the comments has been pretty good for me, to understand the various ideas and opinions from different people of different parts of the world. Some hate the new theme, some like it. David Tenser is not quite satisfied with the new icons, for not following the Windows XP icon design guidelines.Things just got more complicated when Firefox users debate about the delicate pixels of the Winstripe icons.

As for me, I didn't comment much. I don't want to. Not until I get the chance to see the icons in action. Whether it's Pinstripe, Winstripe or maybe Linstripe, I'll just wait and see what the Mozilla developers are trying to do. I'm pretty sure they had enough flames and critiques, not to mention their hard work. Now, I'll get on with life and wait patiently for the release of Mozilla Firefox 0.9.