Lim Chee Aun

Motivational lecture

Today in school, all form 5 and upper 6 students, including myself, attended a lecture on study motivation. The lecturer is Dr. Shukri Abdullah, a guy wearing the 80's spectacles, with beard and moustache on his face. His lecture is quite motivational, accompanied with LCD projection of motivational presentational slides, probably made with Microsoft Powerpoint 2003. He even include bits of videoclips into his presentation files, plus few shots from movies such as The Matrix and Lord of the Rings. It was fun. He tries to extract positive values from the movies. For example, a scene from The Matrix where Morpheus tells Neo to free his mind before jumping from one skyscraper to another. The lecturer told us to free our mind when facing examinations. It sounds ridiculous but pretty cool. Some of my friends actually suspect the videos embedded into the Powerpoint files are pirated. From my observation, Dr. Shukri might have rip movies from CDs or DVDs and edit them using Windows Movie Maker or something. So I wonder, isn't that copyright violation?