Lim Chee Aun

Sweaty school day

The school reopens today, after two weeks of holiday since beginning of the month. This holiday had been normal for me, wasting most of my time in front of the monitor and surf some sites once in a while. Anyway, it's been hard to wake up this morning. I was sweaty all over, due to hot Malaysian weather, amplified by global warming phenomenon. Arriving school at about 7, I saw my friends talking about Euro 2004. Who scored? France? Football, again. I wonder if I'm the only guy in this world who doesn't have any interest in football. I also wonder if most computer geeks like such sport. The morning assembly was dull. I got my mid-year test papers from my teachers. They have marked all the papers with their red pens throughout the holiday. Arrgh, I don't think I like those 'X' marks on my papers. Those made me switched to bad mood mode. Fortunately, the weather slowly recovered and became clear enough to brighten up my day. At least, I don't feel much sweaty.