Lim Chee Aun

Web accessibility on In.Tech

My email response titled 'Helping web designers understand web accessibility' on the In.Tech section of The Star newspaper

Last week, the In.Tech pull-out section of The Star newspaper wrote something about web accessibilty. It's an article by Raslan Sharif titled 'An unreadable Internet'. It's a pretty good writing, not only for me, but also for all the web designers in Malaysia. I was totally pleased to see such story appearing on a local newspaper. So pleased that I send the In.Tech guys an email, just to show my gratitude and add some comments. I've included some good references such as Dive Into Accessibility and Building Accessible Websites, plus an example of a beautiful and accessible web site, CSS Zen Garden.

Today, I found that my email response is printed on paper, page 17 of the In.Tech section. Good. At least, I've put my effort to promote web accessibility.