Lim Chee Aun

Winstripe changes and Gmail stuff

Early morning I got online and found out that MozillaZine forum is down. Something must have happened. And I don't even know why. Maybe due to the recent changes in the Winstripe theme? Has it improved? Is it better compared to previous Firefox themes? It looks more Windows-like? I think so. Looking at the screenshots, I'm scratching my head. Only five toolbar icons are changed? I didn't actually download the nightlies to check out the icons, but I know that the Mozilla Visual Identity Team did consider my opinions, such as the use of arrows for the Back or Forward icons, the right-angle rotation of the Reload icon and the three-dimensional look of the Home icon. Good, but I won't comment further till Firefox 0.9.1 released.

By the way, I just found two neat stuff for Gmail users. First, GMailCompose, an extension for Firefox 0.9 and later, which works almost like G-Mailto but better. Second, some very useful tips to play with your Gmail address or addresses. Cool.