Car and electricity

I almost got myself run down by a car at school today. The incident almost killed me!

Okay, just kidding. Actually, I was walking slowly to the school gate after the bell rang, when suddenly I spotted a Kancil car behind me. The Kancil appeared from nowhere and was moving towards me! I looked and knew that the driver was Su Ching, a new friend of mine of Form Lower Six, who I know since the orientation programme 2 weeks ago. She was having fun trying to run me down as I try to avoid her car. I kept walking, laughing all the way, till she had enough fun and drove off.

I took the public bus, reached home and found out that there's no electricity around my neighbourhood. My mom told me that it was cut since this morning at 9AM. The TNB guys must be doing some diagnostic checkups, I guess. I felt so hot and sweaty, realising that electricity is such an important element in our lives. Anyway, it was backed up at around 1PM, and immediately I took my bath. Wow, I felt better.