Lim Chee Aun

Catching up

I'm really, really late. Many things happened in just few days and I'm too slow to catch up. Firefox 0.9.1 released five days ago and I haven't even download it yet. One of the bigger news is the new alliance to improve browser plugins. Since the last time I checked, GmailCompose has now reached version 0.4, with new features and a much better icon. By the way, Google was sued over Orkut code three days ago.

I've been busy with some things lately, especially my work to update the Phoenity theme for Firefox. Not only that I'm in the process of making it work in Firefox 0.9.x, but also add new stuff, especially the update RDF feature, explained in the themes packaging documentation. Besides, I also got myself into creating icons or logo for ChatZilla. In other words, I'm providing a new look for it, instead of the boring 'cZ' sign.

When I checked my emails, I realised that some Firefox fans are wondering if I'm going to release a 'modified Winstripe' theme for Firefox, based on the modified icons I made last month. Sorry, my answer is no, because those icons are experimentally made for pure fun. I also would like to take this chance to clarify that I am not the author or co-author of Winstripe and not a member of Mozilla Visual Identity Team. All credits should be forwarded to Kevin Gerich and Stephen Horlander. Thank you.