Firefox everywhere

Okay, I've added my own Firefox review and downloaded the Firefox 0.9.2 torrent file from Mozilla Bittorrent tracker using Yet Another Bittorrent Client 2.6.8. By the way, I found out that Gmail Notifier Extension v0.2 was released and doron, the author of the extension, quoted:

Using the gmail notifier is against your Gmail agreement, and I won't be held responsible for anyone losing his/her account or becoming the top result for agreement breaking bastard on google.

I wonder, should I use this extension then?

Focusing on Firefox, there's a new site in town called Firefox Switch. It's pretty neat and clean from the look, but just a little non-semantical in the markup, in my opinion. At least, I didn't forget hao2lian's why firefox site. I hope he's not too sad.