Lim Chee Aun

Psyched redemption

From Chu Yeow's redemptive blog post, I found the neat Google Pagerank extension for Firefox, created by Stephane Queraud. It works like the web-based Google PageRank check site, but more convenient, located at the status bar of the browser. It covers all the 10 rankings that Google offers and I'm glad to see that my Phoenity site got 6 out of 10.

From Gemal's psyched blog post, I found a rather lengthy but interesting essay by Andkon. It's mainly about Mozilla's user-unfriendly web site design. I really respect this person for writing such perceptive piece of work. There is one specific sentence which sounds quite sarcastic:

The Mozilla Suite doesn't fit into this scheme because it's a bloated program that's clumsy to use.

If so, should the Mozilla developers ditch off the Mozilla Suite? I don't use it much, but I still have the old Mozilla 1.0 installed on my hard disk. It was a great software, but now Firefox has been the browser of my choice. Anyway, I am not familiar with the development process of Mozilla Suite either.