Lim Chee Aun

Striking thoughts

I had a read at Tantek's thoughts. Since he doesn't provide any Atom or RSS feed, I tend to read his log only once in a while. Really, there are always new things to learn there. I even browsed through the site's XHTML codes, just to find anything special which I haven't know.

This piece of code, from a post titled Contact information obsolescence protocol, got my attention:

<del datetime="20040707" class="obsolete">
<dl><dt>Work number</dt>
<dt>Work email</dt>

If I'm not mistaken, text between the del tag should be rendered as strike-through, for most graphical browsers. On Firefox 0.9.2, it's not rendered as such. I did some quick tests, and found out that it only happens for text in block elements contained within the del tag. On Internet Explorer 6 and Opera 7.5, the strike-through is clearly visible.

Could this be a Gecko-related bug?