Form 6 Election

It's that time again. The Pertiena election time.

Candidates of Form Lower 6 will compete for 3 positions in the Form 6 Society which are the treasurer, secretary and chairman. All Form 6 students gathered at the assembly court this morning to listen to the candidates' inspirational speeches. These speeches are important as the candidates have done their campaign all over the school for the past few days. By recess, all committee members, including myself, went to the school hall to settle the things for the election.

Unlike any other societies and associations, our school's Pertiena is the only one implementing such unique way. Using our knowledge in Pengajian Am, we tried to imitate the real governmental election, where the electors' votes will be confidential. Before entering the hall, the electors have to check their names and IC numbers on the list and put down their signatures. They will also need to mark a cross on whichever sections representing their voted candidates, then slip the votes into boxes.

This process just went on smoothly till around 12.45PM. The vote counting session started at 1PM, after the bell rang. Teachers-in-charge will check through every vote slip and confirm each of them in front of few Form 6 students, who act as witnesses. There are quite a number of invalid votes, or so-called undi rosak, because some immature students underestimated the importance of a valid cross mark. That moment was pretty hectic for the candidates, sitting while listening to the vote counts. As for me, I almost fell asleep. An hour later, the election finally ended and the results were informed right away.

The results are a bit disappointing to some people I know, specifically Kanmani, competing for the secretary position, and Arunna, competing for the chairman position. They are occupied as the secretary assistant and deputy chairman instead. Good enough for them.