Signs of doomsday

Weird things happened at school this morning. During the assembly, the teachers surprisingly became so fluent in bahasa baku especially when giving speeches to all of us. I realised that almost 50% of all Form Upper and Lower Six students were absent. My Maths teacher, Mr. Ooi Fang Aik, was sort of in a bad mood because he didn't teach us anything and told us to do our own revision instead. My classmate, Soo Chooi Leang, unexpectedly fell sick in class and was immediately sent home by his elder brother. My PA teacher, Pn. Arsun, almost got herself hurt when a projector screen stand, blown by the strong wind, fell down towards her. The time seems to fly very fast as the atmosphere was so cold and eerie throughout the day.

It was as if tomorrow is doomsday. Wow.