Lim Chee Aun

40th Anniversary

Today, all students celebrated Canteen Day and Prize-giving Day at my school, also in conjunction to the 40th anniversary of the founding of my school. There were food stalls, exhibitions, and hall performances. I was in charge for the Science exhibition and also part-time for the Mathematics exhibition. I went to school at about 8AM, and immediately handle all the stuff to be exhibited, such as the periodic table, star maps, articles, Van de Graaff generator, microscopes and telescope. Fortunately, there are a lot of Science teachers and students in the school, to help making the exhibition a success. I also walked around the stalls, and ate a lot, like potato fries, chicken burger, hot dog, pizza and sandwiches.

At 10AM, Wern Yih, Hock Lye, Yuen Munn and I went to Chemistry tuition. The teacher taught us the chapter of aluminium. About 2 hours later, tuition ended and we went back to school again. Some of my friends have to work at the stall. I just walked around, had a look at the exhibitions by other clubs, and had some fun teasing the food sold by my friends. I also met an old friend of mine, Siratul. I also met and chatted around with Seow Pin, Ciau Sien and her younger sister, and also her friend whom I forgot his name, as I always do.

After that, I walked around the stalls again, with Ming Shern. Most of the time, we were at the Lower 6 Murni class's stall which was selling roses. I found out that most of my friends had left the school because they have other tuition classes. Besides, the time was already 4PM, no one will be coming anymore, and the food almost sold out. Unfortunately, the roses were not sold out yet. So, the Lower Six students extended their marketing strategy by direct selling. Some even forced others to buy roses. I was one of the unlucky victims, being begged by a girl to buy one rose instead. How embarrassing!

We packed things up, rearranged the tables, and cleaned the area. Most teachers were still there talking to each other, sharing jokes and laughter. When they left, we students left too. I realised that I am the only and last Upper Six student to leave the school. Tired yet satisfied, I took the bus and went home.