Lim Chee Aun

Breakthrough seminar

Boy, what a weekend!

This morning, I went to the 18th Tanjung Pengajian Am seminar 2004. It was held at the Cititel Hotel, Penang Road, Penang. Scoring techniques were presented by Mr. Michael, Mr. Wong and Mr. Wong Khek Seng, from 9AM to 2PM, almost non-stop. My classmates Amelia, Rachel, Kaameny, Hui Chi, and I went there by bus, departing from the Tanjung Tuition Centre at about 7.30AM as the journey took about 1 hour.

When we reached there, it was drizzling. As we went up to 3rd floor, I noticed so many STPM candidates in the seminar hall. My seat number is H09, which means at 9th seat of row H, which is just next to Amelia. My friend, Chia Chao was only two rows in front of me. Lingswaran was sitting at the row in front of him. Will Sen was a bit unlucky because he sat at row U. I looked around the hall, surprised that it was about the length of a football field. Wow.

At 9AM, Mr. Michael started off his lecture, walking like a celebrity, from the back of the hall all the way to the front. As usual for any Tanjung PA tuition students, we greeted with 'Happy Morning'. The lecture went on smoothly with projector slides on examination tips and answering techniques, followed by Mr. Wong and Mr. Wong Khek Seng, each of them focusing on different aspects of the PA papers.

At 1PM, we were fortunate to witness the Our Break-Thru' Performance For Success presentation by well-known Dato' Lawrence Chan Kum Peng. I was impressed that he is the first and only Asian Certified Speaking Professional! His presentation was very interesting as he taught us five principles to achieve break-thru' performance. Ironically, he also taught us how to exercise. I got to admit that I really admire his powerful language. There is one quote he said which sounds a bit like this:

Let's say you are sitting in the examination hall, taking your first peek at the papers. Then, if you look up (the ceiling), you are looking for inspiration. If you look down (with your head down), you are in desperation. If you look side ways, you are looking for information.