The cause of death

An enraged man who suspected that his 25-year-old girlfriend was two-timing him, stabbed her teenage lover three times shortly after he dropped her off at her flat in Taman Emas near Bagan Ajam.

This tragedy happened yesterday. A question arises as not to know how the deceased was killed, but rather how he was saved. If you read the news, you only know few bits of it. My classmate, Ranjeeta, witnessed it, and told my friends and I everything that actually happened.

According to Ranjeeta, when the incident happened, she and her younger brother went to help the injured teenager. Both of them tried to help him by controlling the blood flowing from his body and keep checking on his breathing. At that time, the girlfriend was emotionally unstable, sitting beside the guy in the car. Surprisingly, there were some people standing around and just staring at the poor fellow. No one dare to lend a hand. Ranjeeta was disappointed that those people actually stand there and do nothing! Not even one called the ambulance.

As her brother tried to ease the teenager's injury, she went to call 991, herself. Ironically, she was told to call 999 instead. When she called 999, the line disengaged. When the cadets from the Bagan Ajam Voluntary Fire-fighting Unit came to help, things became worse. They actually told Ranjeeta and her brother that it's not necessary to control the blood flow because it's just a minor problem. I'm not so sure about this, but is being stabbed a minor problem? The cadets start to take over and try to send the teenager to the hospital. They don't have a stretcher, so they just carry the guy by holding his legs and hands to their vehicle. Ranjeeta was surprised that none of the cadets were providing first aids to the victim. After the teenager was sent, the hospital ambulance just arrived, 20 minutes late.

Ooi Li Yong, 17, died on the way to the Seberang Jaya Hospital.

He died.

I wonder, what is the real cause of his death? If you are in his position facing such problems, what would you feel?