Malaysian Idol Grand Finale

I've been waiting so long for this. As Jien always ask, who will be the first Malaysia Idol? Jac or Dina?

I watched the show live on 8TV and TV3. The Grand Finale was held at Genting Highland's Arena of Stars. It started off with a nice performance by the 12 finalists, dancing naturally around the stage, since most of them don't feel the pressure being part of the contest anymore, except Jac and Dina. This is the night Malaysians have been waiting for ever since the first audition started on June. I bet no one would forget how hilarious the beginning was.

Personally speaking, I support Dina, though most of my friends are supporting Jac. In my opinion, Dina, or her real name Faradina Mohd. Nazir, has a great voice, unique style and playful attitude. It's hard to believe that she has all that qualities, being just 19 this year. Okay I know, she's quite fat, but that shouldn't be part of our judgement to vote for the very first Malaysian idol, right? From her previous performances till today, she has proven that beauty doesn't come from the appearance, but the voice instead.

During the show, each of them sang three songs. Dina started first, singing Gemilang on the huge stage in front of all the spectators. Somehow, I felt that she didn't perform well enough. As Paul Moss commented, she seems uncomfortable and couldn't fully express the songs she sang. On the other hand, I'm surprised that Jac, or real name Jaclyn Joshua Victor, sang so well! Thanks to her years of experience in singing, she has managed to overpower Dina's voice by singing When I Fall In Love! Wow! The way she sang the song Gemilang is so strong that it rocked the whole place and impressed everyone, including Paul. I have to admit that Jac is obviously better than Dina.

Before the show ends, both contestants sang I Believe I Can Fly together. The voting process started at 11 till tomorrow, before the result will be announced live. I really not sure whether I'm going to vote either one. Dina is young and talented, as Jac is a super singer. If Malaysians choose based on the quality of the performances, Jac will sure gain more votes. But if Malaysians choose based on an idol's individualistic styles and specialty, Dina would be the right choice.

Like Sarimah Ibrahim said, I'll choose both. Unfortunately, there can only be one Malaysian Idol. Sigh.