Lim Chee Aun

Mike and Wong

Today, my friends brought their digital cameras to school, to take pictures of teachers and everyone, eventhough it's against the rules. Well, we are the Upper Six, so teachers don't mind anyway. It was quite fun posing in front of cameras. As this year is our final year in the school, we take chances to play around, too, despite STPM is just around the corner. Later, we have to go to the hall to set things up, such as arranging the tables and chairs, cleaning up the place, and locating our seats based on the candidate number. Mine is SP404/1009, which is at the 9th row of the first column. Quite a strategic spot, I supposed.

In the evening, I went to the Pengajian Am tuition, for the last time. Both Mr. Wong and Mr. Michael taught us about the last few steps and important tips before the examination. They said that, if one day we see them somewhere, we should greet them, saying hi, and maybe even have a long chat in the future. Before we leave the class, Mr. Michael shook hands with everyone and wished us all the best. It was quite emotional at that time. For one and a half years learning from both teachers, I have to admit it's the best tuition class I've ever attended.

Thanks a lot, Mr. Wong and Mr. Michael.