Chemistry Paper 2 and PA Paper 2

The first question is about the Lyman series. Whoa. I can do most of the structure questions, but some of them are way too easy for anyone to memorise. For example, what is the catalyst used in the Haber process? The essay part is ridiculously hard. That's all I can say. After the Chemistry paper, I had my PA paper in the evening. Somehow, my mind seems to clash between both subjects. My friends simply say that I'm hilariously crazy. When we were discussing the PA subject together, my mind suddenly thought of Le Chatelier's Principle for no particular reason.

The time duration for the PA paper is 2 hours and 40 minutes. It's quite a long time but I couldn't finish all questions every time having this paper in my school examinations. Fortunately, this time and also for the first time ever, I finished everything. Yeah. The Section A and B, essay part, are pretty good, as my mind was filled with a lot of crazy ideas. The Section C is pretty tricky because both question 1 and 2 really make my head spinning. I'm not even sure if I've drawn the correct graph format! While taking this paper, I was sweating like a dog. Is it the green house effect in the examination hall, or just me?