Lim Chee Aun

IBM Thinkpad

After three days of filing work, I finally have the chance to touch a computer today in the office. Well actually, it's a laptop computer. A very, very old laptop computer. What brand, you are asking? IBM Thinkpad, baby. IBM Thinkpad.

I'm not very sure what model it is, but it sure looks old to me. From my observation, the screen should be around 11 inches or smaller and it is about twice or thrice thicker than any laptops nowadays. There's a nice 'Intel Inside' logo sticker at the bottom left. And surprisingly it's running Windows 98. I thought this computer should be running Windows 95 since its features doesn't seem to meet Windows 98's minimum requirements. As expected, it runs slow. Very, very, very slow. It even freezes few times. What a nightmare.

My colleagues are using top-notch Dell computers, with 15-inch CRT monitors, running Windows XP. Whoa. Anyway, I'm only a temporary, novice worker there, so I shouldn't expect that much. I could feel a better tomorrow is waiting for me.