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Too bright yellow

Nice, but the bright yellow for folders is awful

Maybe I should make it brown? Or simply darker? Most folder icons are yellow in colour, though I doubt about it. I agree there are some weaknesses in the Phoenity folder icons. They are too light and not clear enough. I think I'll have to sharpen the outlines.

Phoenity 1.3.1

very nice theme .. icons need to be bigger

Bigger? How big then? Current version of Phoenity, including Winstripe, follows the standard sizes of Windows XP which are 24×24px by default and 16×16px in small icons mode. The default standard icon size for older Windows is 20×20px. Linux and MacOSX uses different icon sizes as well. So far, there is no real standard size here, as most people might argue. Since the Firefox developers have chosen Windows XP's sizes, I'll just follow.


i like the fact we can have subthemes/customisability 4 because i dont really like SOME of the icons, the others i love!

Well, that's a matter of personal taste. When I first released Phoenity to the public, I never thought anyone would like my icons at all. Whenever I compare my icons with the heavyweights such as Crystal, I felt that my icons look so dull and boring. Ironically, there are people who like such icons. Simplicity rules, I guess.

Great but could be a lot better

Its a great theme, just all those blue square things are annoying. What about circles in replace. Its really starting to bother me. This is the second best theme for firefox I have seen. Second best because it is missing some stuff and some of the graphics are a bit annoying (like said before).

I assume this commenter is referring the throbber as the blue square things, since no other Phoenity icons has such properties. Rounded circle is possible, but I'll have to wait till Firefox supports APNG or MNG. GIF will make it looks jagged, you know. As the matter a fact, my first decision is to create a round throbber. To prevent jaggedness, I have no choice but to use a rounded rectangle instead.

Nice Icons, could be alil bigger

Again? Okay, I think, this time, screen resolution could be one of the reasons. Some people, mostly laptop users, set a very high screen resolution for their monitors. Thus, the icons become very small and almost indistinguishable. In this case, the solution is not to create larger icons, but to use assistive technologies such as SVG so that the icons will be in vector form, resizable in any dimension yet still looks sharp. Opera tries to fix this problem by introducing its own zooming technology to resample the raster icon images. Mozilla Firefox have neither such capability nor supports any form of vector format for the icons. So, let's get on with it.

best but dont like

very nice but dont like in your face throbber. simple default throbber will do. other than that it is very nice theme.

One question, what is a throbber? Think about it. Creating a throbber is more difficult than it seems. A throbber is also called an activity indicator, obviously to show the current status of the loading page. On Firefox, it also acts as a hyperlink button, and when clicked, goes to the Firefox home page. So, what should a throbber looks like? Other web browsers' throbbers represent their own logo and branding, such as Netscape and Internet Explorer. Maybe I should use the Phoenity logo as the throbber? Or maybe follow Winstripe's footsteps, creating a throbber that reflects its functionality instead? This requires some thinking, so I might come up with a satisfying answer, sooner or later.

Its alright, not great. Kind of weird. Needs more work.

Interesting. I never thought that I've created some weird set of icons. I better change my theme's description to 'A simple, colourful and weird theme for everyone'. Just kidding.


Well, I don't like it... You see... well, it's better than the default one, but... colorfull icons with grey toolbars don't really make a great harmony

Why not change the colour of the toolbar then? Before I use Windows XP, I've changed my Windows 98's colour scheme to match Mozilla's Modern theme and wow, it sure makes things look modern at that time. What I mean is that not all icons can blend in any background. If it's not harmonic, try tweak the system colours to your liking. For your information, the first few versions of Phoenity theme for Firefox are created on a Windows 98 machine. I have never seen my own icons on Windows XP's interface, except screenshots sent to me by other people via e-mail, until the time I got to install Windows XP by around mid-year 2003.

Not the best.

Somewhat disharmonic.

Another disharmony?

Good but...

Abit distrative, and not very nice folder icons. Sort them out and we'll talk ;)

The word 'distractive' shocked me. As for the folder icons, I'll try fix it, as mentioned above. But for the other icons, I wonder how distractive are they? Are they too bright, too colourful or too vibrant for the eyes? I'm sorry if I missed the point here, so I supposed we really have to talk. Unfortunately, I don't have the commenter's e-mail address or any contact information. Sigh.

Its really really BAD

BAD BAD n BAD. Dont download. Its a waste of time

I'm terribly sorry for wasting your time, buddy. Thanks to Firefox's amazing features, you can immediately uninstall my theme and try all the other various themes from Mozilla Update. I hope you can find your favourite theme. Good luck.

Update 25 December 2004: Mozilla Update has been updated. All the old comments are gone. Fortunately, some of them are archived in this post.