Lim Chee Aun

Bloggers meet in Penang

Yesterday, the bloggers meet was great. I enjoyed it. Really.

Before the meet, I was kind of hesitant to go because I have a problem with transportation. At first, I asked my friend, Will Sen to give me a lift, but he seems not interested, eventhough he's a blogger, too. Then, I thought if I'm going to attend this meet, I have to take buses and ferry, to and fro. So, I try to find for alternative solutions. I remember, Lucia wrote about her experience in last year's blogger meet, when only one person attend. That guy was Jasdev, who went to the meet, all the way from mainland to Prangin Mall. Whoa. Immediately, I surfed to Jasdev's weblog, verified that he is a human being, found his mobile phone number, and contacted him. Fortunately, he responded and agreed to give me a ride on his motorbike. Yay.

The weather was hot. By the time we reached Nasi Kandar Pelita, it's about 5pm. We try to look around and Jasdev found the bloggers group, maybe because he recognises Lucia. I was a bit surprised and felt weird because all are strangers to me. I sat beside KS Tang, the guy who has a pathetic attempt at blogging. As I try to ask him who's who, he just answered that he had no idea at all. Haha. I looked around and recognised Peter Tan because he's on a wheelchair. I also recognised Lucia because she was dressed in black pants and blue t-shirt, sort of, if I'm not mistaken. There were also two non-bloggers taking part, Joyce and Wuan.

Peter Tan looks different than what I expected. Frankly speaking, he looks very energetic despite his physical disability. He told me, he blogs all the time. Awesome. Jasdev is kind of a cool guy, who spreads his Jasdevism terminologies and wears the Evil cap, whether anyone notice it or not. His laptop rocks. Really, really rocks. I think he should be careful with his copy of Windows Media Player 10, though. Lucia always mention that she's short and fat, but actually, it's the exact opposite. Her 'baby' is really neat, with all the shining metallic colours and amazing features. I always want to own one, but you know, money matters.

As I sat beside KS Tang, I found out that he works in the same area as I do, the Prai Industrial Area. He's from PenFibre and I'm from GKN Driveline. What a coincidence. Besides, I also met Ong BK, the one who gave his Oops!! newspapers and calendar to everyone, free of charge. From his facial appearance, I could imagine he's some soft of a wise old man who lives on the Himalayas, where people strive to reach him just to ask the most important question of all, 'What is the purpose of life?'. Okay, just kidding. As for Ee Yean, she seems quiet and maybe felt a bit weird. Her name somehow reminds me of 1 yuan, meaning China's 1 dollar. Haha. Sorry, Ee Yean.

The bloggers meet actually start at 4, but Jasdev and I arrived late. Lucia told me that HK Teh came before us, and took photos and videos all over before leaving. Kew also came and chatted for a while, also left in a flash. All of us bloggers, and non-bloggers, talked about various topics, as one by one left the group. At 9, we all left, with a hope that there will be yet another meet like this.

Ever since I decided to start blogging last June, this is my first time attending a bloggers meet. All thanks to Lucia for organising it. As I mentioned, Peter Tan blogs all the time. Yes, he proves it, in pictures. Ironically, I prove mine in words, instead.

Update 2 February 2005: Okay, the gang has updated their blogs. Here they are: