Exceeded mail quota

alert message dialog, showing 'Your message could not be sent because you have exceeded your mail quota.'

Gmail provides 1 Gigabyte of email space. Awesome. I guess most people would have know that by now, right? Some of my friends think that it's crazy. It's too much. Who needs that much? Well, I was just replying to an email and suddenly an alert message dialog pops up. At first glance, I ignore it and quickly press the 'OK' button. When I try to send the message again, it pops up the second time. I noticed it and was shocked.

Gmail web page footer, showing 'You are currently using 1023 MB (102%) of your 1000 MB', exceeding the email quota

Ladies and gentlemen, I have exceeded my Gmail account's email quota! Yeah! A more shocking fact is I've used more than 1000Mb!

Now, this may seem impossible but really, it just happened. I'll have to delete and clear up some mails so that I can reply and send emails, ironically. I'm not sure how much Gmail can accommodate if I don't delete some emails, though. Maybe about 1050Mb or Gmail automatically delete old emails?

If you don't have Gmail and want one, just email me. I've offered 6 invitations last Christmas but somehow there was no response, at all. Anyone?