Lim Chee Aun

Not enough

The story of the Firefox 1.0 launch is a nice read. The process is an eye-opener. Now I understand what the developers do behind the scenes. They have done so many amazing things that my simplistic brain has never thought of. Before this, I don't know how open-source organisations work. It's a little hard for me to imagine a number of people bringing their laptops, working together, digging into computer screens and make the very best web browser software for everyone. The dedicated developers inspired me and I'm very proud to support them.

Despite my lack of skills in some technological areas such as programming, I just wish I can help them in any ways possible. I also have the feeling that I haven't done enough to contribute to this great project. I guess other Firefox fans have that same feeling too. The least for me to do is to show my gratitude, encourage my friends to switch, spread Firefox and report bugs to Bugzilla. Somehow for me, those are just psychologically not enough. Yes, not enough. Mind you, that is what I felt.

Well, what more can I do?