Today is Thaipusam day. It's supposed to be a public holiday but somehow it's a working day for all workers of GKN Driveline. Myself included. GKN Driveline is one of the few companies in Malaysia to be operational on this day. So, less traffic congestion was expected this morning, plus a quieter office environment, too. Everyone else, especially the Hindus, is spending the holiday while my colleagues and I are working. Sounds not fair, doesn't it? Well, it's only one day.

Yesterday night, my friend, Firdaus called me up. We chatted for a while about the life after STPM. I say, there's only one word for it. Boring. Before STPM, I'm used to talk crazy stuff with my friends, play around and study together. Now I know why some people especially working adults say they wish to go back to school, as students. Firdaus also told me that he's working at a petrol station. Wow. I guess his job would be more interesting than mine. Maybe.