Lim Chee Aun

Jobless now and then

Today is my last day working in GKN Driveline Penang. I've worked there as a Purchasing Assistant for exactly three months. It was quite a valuable experience for me, even though it may be a boring job since it has nothing to do with my interests. From today onwards, I am jobless. Free as a bird, again. I doubt if the STPM results will be out next week. Some people told me that it will be on next Thursday, which falls on 17 March 2005. Is this true?

Anyway, I'll be applying for another temporary job soon. I hope to get a job that's related to the World Wide Web, specifically in web development. But the reality is hard, I know, especially here in Malaysia. So, I guess now is the right time for self-promotion. I don't have an online portfolio because I don't bother set one up. Yet, I don't like show off as I prefer to leave it by chance for anyone to discover my web presence and contributions. It's all just part of my interests, as I progress to make things perfect.

Okay, the final question, anyone care to hire me?