Another bloggers meet in Penang

This morning, I just went to the third, I mean, fourth bloggers meet in Penang, with Kenny Lee, an active blogger from Kedah. I guess this is the fourth meet because the third was arranged by Lucia, as few bloggers turned up at KFC in Komtar just yesterday. Sadly speaking, I was unable to join them, sorry. Here I wish a belated happy birthday to Lucia!

So this time, the fourth meet is arranged by Aunt Lilian, the founder of, at the McDonald's in Greenlane. Kenny fetched me with his car at around 9AM. We were the earliest to reach there, sharp at 10AM. We looked around and couldn't find anyone familiar though we've never met Lilian before. I couldn't find Ee Yean too as I thought she might be there earlier, for breakfast. After few minutes of waiting, Lilian, and her small son, finally shown up and recognised Kenny and I almost instantly. We ate our breakfast and discussed some stuff. Later, K.S. Tang, Ee Yean and squirrel-minded Andy Lim joined us. At the same time, few breastfeeding mothers were there too, meeting Aunt Lilian, as they also discussed with me about the development of web site.

During the process of our bloggers meet, Lilian's hyperactive son kept fooling around with a burger, excessive amount of straws, excellent photographs, some flower pots and even an ice cream cone. As I look around, the place is quite packed with a lot of people such as kids, parents and couples. The place just got so congested that out of a sudden, someone accidentally drop all the stacked trays to the ground, causing loud noises which attracts everyone's attention. At that moment, we saw K.S Tang was sort of in a hurry and left us, with a plastic bag of mostly drinks in his right hand. Huh, coincidence? Maybe.

The meet only lasted for few hours, ended at noon. Peter Tan and some other bloggers missed the meet unfortunately. But well, let's forget about this now. The next thing all bloggers have to think now is what Lucia kept reminding us:

hey all you bloggers out there (penang or otherwise), what about a grand meet on 9 june, the international bloggers day? think about it ya!

Lilian has started thinking about it:

Mrs. T of Canada is receptive to the idea of linking bloggers on the webcam. Now, shall we seriously think about that? Do it on June 6th on International Bloggers Day. All of us gather at a cybercafe and blog simultaneously! After all, Malaysia Boleh, right? KL, Melaka bloggers, apamaciam, game for it?

I'm thinking of it, hoping that it'll be a big event. And uh, note to Lucia and Lilian, it's neither June 9th nor June 6th. The date has changed to June 14th! So, 58 days to go and counting!

Okay now, I would like to take this chance to officially announce the new and improved Penang Bloggers Portal, set up by me in collaboration with the founder, Ang Kew Leok. He's supposed to announce this on his blog but he informed me that he's currently migrating servers and his blog is down for the time being. So, I take over this announcing job. The portal is not very complete yet, in my opinion and needs more furnishing. If you have any problems or ideas to improve it, please email me.

Somehow, I felt like something missing here. Oh no, I forgot to ask for Baskin Robbins from Aunt Lilian!