Lim Chee Aun

No to MMU

Last month, I've received the offer of admission to Multimedia University. I only get to read it after I return from Singapore. My application has been accepted and to confirm this offer, I have to return all the documents by 15 April, that is by today. As I read through the guidelines, a total of RM 1773.00 has to be paid for the registration fees. The processing fee, RM 500.00 is non-refundable.

The registration day is on 5 June 2005. The result of my application to local government universities will be out by around end of June. So, if I were to register to MMU first and later decide to change to a local university, only about 50% of the course fee can be withdrawn, according to its Refund Policy document. If I were to continue studying in MMU, I don't have to care about the withdrawal except the later course fees or so-called credit hours. Obviously, local universities are the preferred choice among STPM students because they are more affordable than private universities.

Due to financial problems, I am unable to get myself into MMU. I have to give up. Now, I'll be focusing on local universities and also National University of Singapore. Wish me luck.