Affin Bank logo

Affin Bank logo entry for the Banking Without Barriers Logo Contest

I've submitted my logo entry for Affin Bank's Banking Without Barriers Logo Contest. I might be a bit late, but I think it's worth a try.

Yesterday, I wanted to print my logo but as mentioned before, my printer is on hiatus due to weird ports problem. Feeling a bit nervous, I tried to think of solutions and phoned Huay Phing, who stays quite near my neighbourhood. She told me that her printer works. Yes! I transferred the files into a floppy before driving to her house. Upon reaching there, I immediately approach her computer and start doing my work. My sharp eyes spotted some installed software such as Mozilla Firefox, AVG antivirus and Quintessential Player. As I move the colourful animated cursor to open the A drive and double-click on the relevant files, I found out that the system responds quite slowly. Anyway, I manage to print my logo out of her old Canon BJC-210SP printer. Thanks to low-ink cartridges, the colours unexpectedly turn into brownish orange! Whoa. I tried various settings on the printer properties but to no avail. Sigh.

According to the contest's terms and conditions, all entries must be submitted before 19 May 2005. At that moment, Huay Phing asked me if my entry could reach Affin Bank in time, since late entries will be disqualified immediately. Hmm, I don't think I'm late though. From my understanding, in whatever contests, the organisers set a dateline just to stop people from sending more entries after that and not to stop themselves from receiving entries, right? Or perhaps I've missed some points here?

Well, things just got so ridiculous as Huay Phing helped me by asking for help from the friends network, such as Kah Peng, Chung Hwa, Yuen Munn and few whom I've forgotten. All of them were either busy or not sure if their printers still work. Fortunately, Huay Phing found that Way Fern has a printer that truly works. With some mapping guidelines and without much hesitation, I went to Way Fern's house, uh I mean, shophouse. Her printer works great and my logo was printed in its full glory. I was very excited. On her computer, I found Mozilla Firefox too! Haha. Later, I chatted with her for a while before leaving.

Affin Bank logo entry, with the motto 'Banking Without Barriers', for the Banking Without Barriers Logo Contest

I sent my entry on A4-sized paper with a 10×13-inch envelope and a 50-cent stamp. On the paper, two versions of my logo are displayed, one of them is designed with Affin Bank's motto, 'Banking without Barriers'. I've also included a short explanation for my logo, written as such:

This logo depicts the warm and friendly nature of timber within the whole word. The character 'n' and 'b' connects to each other, breaking through the dark-brown line barrier in between. All letters are upper-cased except the letters 'n' and 'b' as to strongly emphasize the true meaning of 'no barriers'.

Okay, I know, it looks dull. I realise that creating a logo for a bank is much harder than I thought and admittedly, I didn't put as much effort in this logo as the other logos I've created. There might be some professional logo design companies and students from highly reputable art institutions taking part in this contest. Yet, this is the only entry from me, though the rules specify that contestants are allowed to submit multiple entries. Some people might submit more than 10 entries to simply try on their luck.

For some reasons, I feel that one entry is enough. So, the question now is do I stand a chance of winning this contest?