Going to the female toilet

Once upon a time, there lives a guy named Albert. There is nothing much about him, nothing unusual. He doesn't feel that he's a special person, like Forest Gump or whoever. Somehow, he has done something that not many guys have the chance to do. It may sound like a normal thing for some people, but for him, it's an unique situation. Albert, being a guy who's always shy in front of girls, has entered the female toilet thrice.

Yes, thrice. A hat trick, I supposed?

Okay first, Albert is not a sex maniac. Second, he didn't actually peep on girls or women there. Third, he is a clean-minded person, for sure. So, most people might be curious, how could this happen to such guy? Is it by coincidence or accident? Well, it's pretty hard to explain. Here, the whole story will be revealed to the public. Read on.

One day, Albert went out with his friends to a shopping mall. By the time they reach there, one of his friends suggested to eat lunch first then walk around. So, they settled down in a nice, small restaurant in the mall. Everyone sit around a huge rectangular table, talking and eating at the same time. As Albert finished his food, he wanted to wash his mouth and asked the restaurant owner where's the toilet. The owner pointed the directions, and Albert just followed until he found a small lane leading to the toilet. As he walked straight into the lane, he saw a woman sitting by a table filled with shillings. Instantly he took out his wallet and put 20 cents on the table before entering the opened toilet door, located just beside her chair.

the female and male toilets, accessible through a lane, surrounded by by shop houses, in a shopping mall

Albert looked at the mirror, washed his mouth, face and hands. Since there are no one in the toilet, he just spent his time tidying up. As he was adjusting his hair style, suddenly a pregnant woman entered the toilet! He was dumbfounded, thinking that the woman might be a worker to clean the place. But the woman was not wearing any recognised uniform. Albert started to realise if he had gone into the wrong toilet, and immediately shifted his focus to the blurry symbol displayed on the opened door. To his horror, it's a symbol of a female! In seconds, Albert rushed out of the toilet, walked all the way back to the restaurant, while trying to calm down and act normal. He didn't tell anyone about it as he was afraid that his friends will laugh at him. So, it was as if nothing happened. Fortunately, the pregnant woman who saw him in the toilet, didn't shout or do anything. Albert was relieved.

Later, Albert and his friends walked around the mall and watched a movie in the cinema for more than an hour. As they exited the cinema, Albert and some of his friends were dashing to the toilet because their bladders were really full. Albert couldn't stand anymore as he quicken up his pace, much faster than his friends. He found his way to the toilet, through the lane again. This time the lane is packed with a lot of people, for some reasons. Albert paid the shillings and walked straight to the door. It was a big mistake. Before he realise it, he has taken exactly three foot steps into the female toilet, congested with girls at that moment. By the second he realised it, he was totally shocked, immediately made a super quick turn around out of the door and escaped into the real male toilet. His friends saw this incident live in front of their very own eyes. Even the girls in the toilet were shocked to see him, with their mouths open wide. Ironically, none of them shouted. No complaints were reported too.

Since then, his friends kept on making jokes and laughed at Albert. There is nothing that he can do about it, except blaming his own carelessness. How could he miss that sign? Despite his full bladder, can't he notice that there are people inside the female toilet before entering it? Well, maybe some things are unavoidable. Coincidentally, Albert's first and second time happened in the same shopping mall, in just one day. Wow.

the female and male toilets situated near the food stalls, surrounded by trees and a car park on the beach

However, those merely scratch the surface. Albert's third time is even worse. It happened on a very beautiful Saturday when he and all his school classmates went to a beach. It was so-called the students' family day as teachers also join them to have fun. All students wear the same uniform t-shirts and were separated into groups, so that they are assigned with specific tasks and can compete with each other in competitions. At that time, another pack of students from another school also organised such activity there. They wore their own uniform t-shirts too.

At around 1PM, all groups started to cook their food, using traditional charcoal methods. Albert did help around and sometimes play volley balls with his friends. Few minutes later, the food was ready to be served, and everyone lined up to take their meal. Before Albert start eating his lunch, he suddenly had a stomachache. Obviously, he has to go to the toilet. He excused himself and ran to find the toilet. Luckily, he found two small, hut-like buildings, the female and male toilets. Albert smiled and thought there's no way for him to go into the wrong toilet again this time.

the flooded male toilet, with water rising up the knee level, located beside a big tree

Splash! Albert found out that the male toilet was flooded! Some smart guys left the water tap running and the flood was flowing as high as his knee! His whole pair of shoes and pants were soaked wet. Albert stepped out of the toilet, thinking that it's impossible to finish up his job there. He looked at the female toilet nearby and it's not flooded. Oh no, he's not going to use the female toilet, again, not the third time.

Albert's stomach was aching as he decided to go further and find another male toilet. He walked to the nearby food stalls and asked a pak cik, the location of other male toilet. The pak cik told him that the toilet he went just now was the only toilet on the beach and it's rosak. Surprisingly, he told Albert to use the female toilet instead! Albert simply couldn't believe his eyes, and ears. His stomach was screaming at him. The weather was hot and his face was sweaty. What should he do?

Albert plucked up his courage and went to the female toilet. As he was about to enter, he saw a girl just about to come out. He wiped away his sweat and tried to get the girl's attention. He explained the problem to her and asked if she could watch over and prevent other girls from entering. She agreed. Her generous help seems very useful because Albert discovered that the door doesn't have a lock! Even the handle was missing! Feeling disgusted, he closed the door and quickly bake his chocolate cakes. During the process, he heard a lot of girls standing outside the toilet, then silence. He was curious what happened outside.

After few minutes, the chocolate cakes were done and flushed away. Albert slowly stepped out the toilet door and found out the girl whom he had asked earlier still standing nearby. He felt extremely grateful and thanked her many times. Albert noticed that she's one of the groups from the other school, because she wears a different uniform t-shirt. Then, both of them just walked away, in opposite directions. Albert walked slowly, because his shoes and pants were heavy and soaked. It's unbelievable that this was his third time, just that the situation was a little different than his previous experiences. He laughed whenever he think about it, and sometimes confused if he should feel embarrassed or not. He really hoped that there will be no fourth time, ever.

The end.

Please note that this is a true story. The name displayed here is not a real name. So, try to guess, who is this Albert?