If I could be...

Well, I got tagged by Jinny for this. Here goes my five picks.

  1. If Chee Aun could be a painter, he would paint a lot of things, not using a normal paint brush but instead using Microsoft Paint or the Paint Tool in Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.
  2. If Chee Aun could be a househusband, he would surely sit at home every day, glued to the computer screen and online every second, with coffee spilled on his keyboard, while instant messaging with his working wife.
  3. If Chee Aun could be a musician, he would license his masterpieces under the Creative Commons license and distribute them through all the peer-to-peer networks, such as BitTorrent.
  4. If Chee Aun could be a writer, he would write a highly-encrypted e-book, of course not in PDF format, titled Chee Aun's Life which will reveal his digitally dark secrets for everyone to read and be shocked at.
  5. If Chee Aun could be a llama rider, he would ride this beast back to his home, feed it, take photos of it, upload its photos to Flickr, blog about it and finally sell it on eBay if possible.

What I've mentioned here might be too technical but I couldn't stop myself, unfortunately. The three bloggers I would tag are Lucia, Peter Tan and Aunt Lilian. But since Aunt Lilian has done this, so I might just tag uh, K.S. Tang?