Lim Chee Aun

More random things

Sigh. Too many things run around my head lately. I got to defragment my brain some day. Here goes:

  • Ever since my site goes live on CSS Reboot, my site traffic boosted threefold. It's great, really. I've received compliments from various people about my 'green mind' design. Some thought that my design is unique. Me too. But the fact is I am not the only person inspired by green leaves. I have found few similar sites made by those who love beautiful leaves:

    Gorgeous designs indeed.

  • As some of you might know, I'm experimenting with compressed CSS files on my site. I've also added few codes to remove carriage returns and line feeds, just for experimental purposes. Somehow, when I view the CSS file from Firefox, nothing is displayed, at all. Totally blank. I can only view the real CSS content when I press Ctrl + U to view its scrambled source. I also tried the Web Developer extension and view the CSS source files by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C. Only the stylesheet attached via the PHP link header can be viewed, not the main stylesheet. So it seems that it's impossible to view the main stylesheet of my site in a human-readable manner.

    Well, the only possible way I know is to use the validator. Try it.

  • Few months ago, I started to collect the Malaysian Firefox fans list and now, it has grown to over 50 fans! Wow, this is so great! The criteria that I look for this list is that the person uses Mozilla Firefox as the default browser and puts the Firefox button or text link on his or her web site. Few days ago, I found out that some listed sites don't have the button anymore due to web host changes and site redesigns, so I decided to do something about it. I'm too lazy to send e-mails and ask every single person to re-include the Firefox link, therefore I try putting textual error messages that marks an 'X' beside the relevant site links. It worked for some reasons, as some of them might have visited my site and noticed the red marks. If the sites have not include the Firefox link in the next few weeks, I'll be removing them.

    I'm looking forward to collect more Malaysian Firefox fans, with an aim to reach at least 200 by end of this year. There might be some fans who haven't realise that I've linked to their sites, as I don't have much time to inform them. I also don't mind if anyone links back to my site. What I care most is to gather as much local fans as possible. Please e-mail me if you found one!

  • Project Petaling Street is a content aggregation portal that gathers all Malaysian weblogs into one place. Petaling Street is the name of a street that I've never seen and passed by before, if I'm not mistaken. The web site is so-called a project. Then I start to realise, shouldn't it be called 'Petaling Street Project' instead? Grammatically speaking, the latter should be correct though.

    Besides that, I don't think this project is a true content aggregation portal. What I mean is something like the UKBlogs Aggregator. From another perspective, Project Petaling Street functions like a link dump. Think of it like without the tagging system. It doesn't actually aggregate content but instead content is submitted to it. In my humble opinion, even the terms used are wrong such as 'pinging' the PPS. The underlying technology is the trackback system, obviously different than Weblogs.Com XML-RPC interface.

    I don't mean to criticise the core group who brought this project to life two years ago. I just want to express my opinions to further improve PPS. And a note to Aizuddin Danian, a blogger and administrator of PPS, Planet could be the key to bring PPS to the next level.