Lim Chee Aun

Reasons not to

Reasons not to read or visit my weblog:

  • I am not a frequent blogger.
  • I am not a handsome guy, unfortunately.
  • No, I'm definitely not a young pretty girl who'll post sexy pictures all over.
  • I don't post jokes, funny things, or ridiculous stuff.
  • I don't post latest news, or technology-related news, too. I don't comment on them either.
  • I don't write Malaysian-related issues. So, my weblog doesn't have the Malaysian touch.
  • Also, I've never wrote any sensitive issues that'll attract people's attention.
  • Some of my posts are too technical, while others are simply boring.
  • There are no commenting system on my weblog. So, you're unable to speak up.
  • My web site looks plain. Very, very plain.
  • This weblog page is not friendly to Internet Explorer users.
  • I didn't read or visit your weblog. Possibly.