Breast in Phoenity?

i spy... a breast!

phoenity 1.4.1 - refreshingly 'normal and healthy' in the best sense a 19 y.o can be! the firefox motion indicator in the far right corner of my screen is not a small white illumination, travelling anti-clockwise around the sides of the little blue square. stare at the center of the square, 3D magic eye style and it is a BREAST! one breast abandoned to gravity; bouncing in familiar, circular, weighted, slow motion...

16 frames of the animated throbber GIF image file in the Phoenity theme for Firefox

This is really one of the funniest user comments I've ever read. Who would have thought of that? This comment is posted on my theme's comments page on Mozilla Update by a creative fellow named polly on 30 April 2005. Of course, I would highly appreciate his or her sense of humour which proves that things you see always depends on your own perspective.

So, let's have a closer look at Phoenity's motion indicator, also known as the throbber widget. It is an animated GIF file, which renders a rounded-corner rectangle with a radial gradient of bright blue. The animation features 16 frames, each displayed every 0.03 seconds. Those who never use my theme before should try to imagine the bright area swirling in the blue rectangle. Those who use my theme on Firefox, go load any page, and stare at it long enough.

Do you see a breast?