Lim Chee Aun

Ex-classmates' reunion party

Yesterday night was great. My ex-classmates and I had a reunion party at Robina Beach. As was planned earlier, the party should start by around 4 to 5PM. Of course, any Malaysians should have in mind that the Malaysian time is always half an hour or an hour late. So, I drove there at 6. Haha.

Reaching there, I found out that it hasn't even started. More than 10 of my classmates actually came, which adds much to the excitement. Some couldn't make it, unfortunately. Anyway, my friends and I talked a lot of stuff, made ridiculous jokes, and set up the charcoals and fire for the barbecue. As I could see, Teoh, Huay Phing, Peh, Ling Ling, Leang, Ting Ting, Farhim, Firdaus, Edwin, Chiew, Kong brothers, Sanggari, Chuen Chuen, Yuet Ling, Hui Chi, Chin Eng, and few others whom I forgot their names, were present to gather together in a wooden hut by the beach. Ivan came much later because of work. At that time, there were few people, mostly Malays, enjoying themselves there. Some bird hunters were nearby too, pointing their rifles at the flying crows in the sky. We saw quite a number of crows falling down from the sky. Cool.

The food was not bad, as I ate few chicken wings, crab meat balls, cocktails, fried bee hoon, a hamburger, plain sardine sandwiches and nuggets. At about 9PM, it rained slightly but didn't bother us much from having fun. I discovered that most guys, except me, seem to be heavily influenced by Dota! Besides, few creative photographs were taken too. Yeah. By the way, I also found out that the toilet that Albert, the guy I mentioned before about his toilet experiences, went last time on the same beach, has been fixed and rebuilt! Wow!

At midnight, I just went back home. Well, the party was a nice idea, really. It eventually helped bringing the good old Chee Aun out of me.