Global Malaysians Network

Today, I just read the news that the Global Malaysians Network, a project to link Malaysians globally, has been launched.

I myself, being a web standards enthusiast, am totally amazed by its wonderful HTML codes. I supposed they expect some of their target visitors are still using Netscape 4. Fortunately, the site's CSS validates quite well, with few warnings and one weird class selector called arial_8pt. The whole design is optimised for 800×600px resolution and the text links seem to react in a strange and inconsistent way. The forum is a good start to gather all Malaysians and discuss Malaysian stuff. If you're wondering, the forum is powered by Web Wiz Forums version 7.01, and don't be surprised that the current updated version is 7.91.

Anyway, the logo is beautiful, maybe a little too dark though I don't understand why is there a black rectangle shape behind the globe?