Lim Chee Aun

Two weeks of silence

It has been two weeks. Yes, two weeks. Wondering what I've been doing lately?

For your information, I'm now studying in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, taking the Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons.) Computer Engineering course. Well, things changed slightly here. It's pretty obvious that I'm no longer staying in Penang. My hostel is called the Millennium Court, located somewhere by Jalan University in Petaling Jaya. My Faculty of Information and Communication Technology campus is situated around the Section 13 neighbourhood, only 15 minutes walk away from the place I stay.

I get to know my roommates, one is Boon Teck, a second-year student taking Computer Science and then other is Wan See, taking the foundation course. My course mates are kind of cool, few of them are also from Penang! Surprisingly, there is a lecturer who actually knows my name. He is James Ooi from JOLmy as he recognises me as a Malaysian Firefox fan. The neat thing is he teaches computer programming stuff for my class.

During the first few days, I had quite a hard time coping with new things. I found out that I'm the last student to get in for the July 2005 intake because the commencement date is actually on 11 July 2005. So, I'm three weeks late and missed a lot of classes!

Okay, I don't have a laptop or any computer by my side. My roommate has his computer in our room, so sometimes I get the chance to use his machine. I don't have any storage devices to store course-related materials. So, I went to PC Fair last Saturday to buy a 512Mb USB Flash drive that costs RM120. Besides that, I also don't have direct and quick access to the Internet. Therefore, it leaves me two options, either to use the broadband-connected computers in the campus or pay RM2.60 per hour for the cyber cafe in the Millennium Court hall. Hmm...

Let's see, what's the outcome from these drastic changes? One, I wouldn't be able to update the Phoenity themes and skins as often as before. Two, my blog will be even more quiet than ever, since I don't have time to do experiments and play around the blogosphere. Three, my email accounts, except Gmail, will be stagnant for a while as some of you might not expect replies from me. Even worse, I couldn't access my Phoenity and MyRealbox mail accounts because I've forgotten the passwords! Silly me.

Past few days have been hazy and a bit boring. I'm still blurry with the roads and sections around here, unable to go anywhere without proper guidelines and directions. Public transportation may sound convenient but can be quite a hassle sometimes. Anyway, I hope things will get better in the next few weeks or months.

Wish me luck.

By the way, I'm looking forward to meet few KL bloggers too. Haha.