Lim Chee Aun

Ubuntu rocks!

Yesterday, I received 10 Ubuntu CDs, free of charge.

Before this, I've tried Red Hat and Knoppix. Both gave me a really eye-opening experience indeed. I had a very hard time installing the former and the latter works kind of slow on my computer for some unknown reasons. So, I'm a little sceptical on Ubuntu. I look at the CD package cover, notice its tagline, 'linux for human beings' and a picture of five human beings. The CDs I received contain slightly older version of Ubuntu, which is 5.04, not the latest 5.10. There are two CDs in the package, an install CD and a Live CD. Cool.

I dare not install Ubuntu on any computers yet, so I try it, with the Live CD. To my surprise, the operating system boots up in just few minutes. I also found that the interface is user-friendly and simple. The brownish theme is soothing to the eyes. The applications run quite fast and I'm able to get online without much fuss. This is the first time I feel so comfortable using a Linux distro!

Ubuntu rocks, for sure. Wait till I distribute the CDs to my friends and show off. Haha.