Unable to reboot

As I've blogged last month, I mention that university life will consume a lot of my time. My blogging frequency has reduced to around two entries per month. Sigh. Last week, I had three examination papers. Logic Circuit Design, Computer Programming Concepts and Design, and Mathematics. Next week, I'll be having one more paper on Circuit Theory. Hope that I could pass all the papers and don't have to take supplementary papers then.

As you might know, I am unable to participate in CSS Reboot Fall 2005. And today is the Big Day, everyone. It's unfortunate that my blog couldn't reboot this time. But at least, I know one Malaysian taking part. He is Kew, so-called shagalot, who is also a Penangite. His blog is called My So Called Life, redesigned in a rather simple way. I just got to admit that his logo looks a bit weird. Haha.

Okay, I've looked through the rebooters list. I found that I'm not alone after all. Daniel Matthew rebooted his web site without much effort, and he blames university life. Whoa, you have my respect, Daniel. When I browse through the list, I tend to vote on sites based on few criterias such as the overall design, author's creativity and CSS techniques used.

I've voted for these two beautiful sites:

I don't mean that others are ugly. They just don't suit my taste, that's all. No offense. I'll be looking forward for the next CSS reboot.

By the way, Happy Deepavali to all.