When life takes a drift

No, not that drift.

For the past few weeks, things got a little slow and fast at the same time. Few examples here:

  • I found out that my mentality matches almost the same as Mr. Mok's, my Digital System Design lecturer. His words are very structural in the sense that he always use the right terms and phrases when he speaks. The lectures that he conduct are sometimes interesting and sometimes boring, which he admits to the class. As he teaches my class, he states that we have to think parallelly, when comes to Verilog programming and our work management.

    Learn how to think like a computer hardware. Learn how to do work simultaneously. Cool.

  • Mathematics is getting harder and harder. I wonder why. I don't actually understand why there is so-called Fourier Series and Fourier Transform. The formulas are getting more complicated than ever. I expected that, but never think of how should I cope with it.

    When the teacher writes all the formulas and derivations, everyone simply copy and write down everything on papers, without even understanding them. That's the culture here. How unfortunate.

  • For the past few days or weeks, many things happen around UTAR. There's the UTAR idol event. Three of my course mates joined it, but somehow luck is not on their sides. Then, I got myself involved in the Community Service Society, which sounds a little familiar when the society's name is abbreviated.

    And not forgetting the UTAR ball night, which I did not attend. It's only a ball night. As expected, there would be a lot of sceneries there, which encourages most of my male friends to attend it. Some like it, some don't. Irony.

Hmm, that's all.

Wait. I forgot about the climax of this post.

Last week, I was informed by Danny Foo that he recommended me to a company called MindValley. I had a meeting with the those people, and voila, I got a part-time job there. Wow, isn't that brief or what?

More stories to come as I explore further. Stay tuned.