Quick Updates for October

I admit I've been quite inactive here, so I'll type few things to confirm my existence. Here are some quick updates:

  • For the last three weeks, I've attended a Linux System Administration course in UTAR. It was kind of fun and I could understand so much about the innards of the Linux system. BASH is so super cool that I've even installed it on Windows via Cygwin! And of course, I've tried the Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 as well, and installed few Linux distributions.

    It's great. I've completed the course and got a certificate of achievement.

  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 will be released tomorrow! Or should I say now, as of a day earlier? Oops, no, it's Tuesday, everyone. But I've downloaded it, not from the official FTP site, but from filehippo.com. I guess, this wouldn't kill the official FTP server, right?

  • By around next few days, I'll be back to my hometown. It's time for my vacation. And Selamat Hari Raya to all my Malay friends!