Days of silence till today

Seems that I've been in quiet mode again since last month. I guess it's pretty normal for a university student. This semester just got more stuff than ever, with jam-packed hours for almost every day. Okay, here are two updates of my life:

  • A little embarrassed to say, I finally dared to try ice-skating last month, in One Utama. It was a very cool experience indeed. Thanks to my friends for laughing at me and helping me to get up when I fell. Haha.

  • For the last few weeks, I don't know what got into me. I started listening to Japanese songs! I mean, a lot of Japanese songs. Though I don't understand the language, I simply listen and found that some are pretty nice. Now I'm kind of addicted to Yui's beautiful songs. Uh, she's a Japanese artist, so don't be confused.

That's all. And ya, I'll be back to my hometown tonight, to celebrate Chinese New Year!