Lim Chee Aun

Days of silence, extended

It's quite surprising that my intention to update my blog has been delayed for weeks ever since I got back from Penang last month. Sometimes, I feel like want to update my blog but later become lazy to type.

Okay, time for updates:

  • There's one thing I forgot to mention before I went back Penang for Chinese New Year. It's my new MP3 player, the Creative Zen V Plus. It costs around RM 400, contains 2Gb of memory space and looks great. I was a little disappointed that I bought this instead of the expensive iPod nano. But last week, I saw my course mate bought iPod nano and found that it's not really that good after all, except that it's just, you know, cool. Haha!

  • Also, adding to my excitement, I finally got myself a new mobile phone! It's Nokia 5300 XpressMusic. As expected, it looks really beautiful and the sound is awesome. I'm so glad that I got rid of my old Nokia 3100.

That's all. Most are related to gadgets.