Lim Chee Aun

Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008

Now is the time for me to wrap up what I've done in 2007. It's been great, so let's do a little list here:

  • I've gone though two hard semesters and now I'm a third-year student. Wow. Time flies. It almost felt like a dream. Examinations, tests, projects and homeworks. Next year will mark the beginning of my very last semester, before graduating!

  • I've launched my Death Note site on January, which is now discontinued due to some reasons. I'll elaborate further about it in my next post. But anyway, it's really quite an experience for me.

  • I got myself a new mobile phone, Nokia 5300, bought my own laptop and tried the great Windows Vista. These gadgets improve my life a lot.

  • Since I'm so busy sometimes, I manage to start a tumblelog, which is snazzily titled cheeauntumb. Even though this blog is not updated frequently, I'll be updating my tumblelog often because it's easier and faster. Tumblr rocks.

  • I started three projects, Pentagoo, Fx.WindowBounds and MooEditable, all hosted on Google Code. Sounds a lot? Maybe this explains why I'm so busy? Haha. Just last week, I've even redesigned and launched Yeah, I need more than 24 hours a day!

  • Last month, I went to Genting with my friends. It's my first time and it's very, very great!

Okay, this pretty much wraps up everything. Also, I've been planning quite few things for the new year 2008. One of them is in progress.

Happy New Year to everyone.