The meaningful three years

Everything that has a beginning has an end. I said that four years ago when I was a Form Upper Six student. It all ended in a snap when I start to study in UTAR for three years after that.

Now that I look back, I haven't update my blog since February! I mean, this year. Whoa, time really flies and somehow I don't even realise it. Many things happened for sure and it's time for me to list them down:

  • The subjects I took for second semester of third year are Intelligent Techniques for Engineering Applications, VLSI Design, Computer Law and Ethics, and Introduction To Sociology. For me, VLSI Design is the hardest subject. My Final Year Project title is 'Map Display for GPS Navigation System', which is coded for a Windows Mobile platform, using the evaluation version of GapiDraw. It's a really good project, and I'm glad that I get an A for it. Haha!

    I am finally graduated on 24 August 2008, in Bachelor of Information and Technology (Honours) Computer Engineering, Second Class Honours (Upper Division). My overall CGPA is 3.1354. Oh well.

  • The month before my graduation, I went to this really cool event called BarCamp Malalysia on 26 and 27 July. I did my first ever public presentation on designing Firefox themes, together with Perry Loh who talks about Firefox extension development and is the author of Fownce. It was really fun to learn so many new things and have the chance to know some geeky people.

  • Few weeks after the very last examination for my course, I'm employed as a Web Developer in ZoeCity. After the interview. After going to Singapore for another week. And don't forget the headache.

    It's quite surprising, now that I'm no longer just a CSS guy, but also a JavaScript guy! A significant upgrade, eh? Oh ya, I still have those eyes. Ahem.

  • I guess it's pretty obvious that I've redesigned my site and moved to a new domain, instead of the former, which is a little shorter now. The new design will be reflecting much of my online identity. Orange and green.

    cheeaun web site in 'orange and green' design

    The design is rather simple, compared to the previous one. I've added my own lifestream page and list of projects. This is a quiet re-launch after all, nothing fancy about it.

So, for the past three years, I've learnt a lot of things. From the first day I step into university life, to my official graduation day. I'm no longer a student now. No more homeworks. No more assignments. No class timetables. Most of my friends have moved out and went back to their hometown and even started working, like me.

Here is a big thank you from me to all my roommates, roommates' coursemates, roommates' friends, coursemates, coursemates's roommates, coursemates' friends, uh, other friends, and lecturers. These three years have been very meaningful, indeed.