Lim Chee Aun

BarCamp KL was a blast!

Last weekend was really a blast, thanks to the BarCamp KL event held on April 4th and 5th. This is my second time participating in BarCamp and it just got even better than I thought. I met with few familiar faces like:

Plus few new faces like:

There were few sessions that I attended and really like, such as:

Okay now, this post feels like a link dump, but mind you, here are more links!:

Also, I've created the BarCampKL Hub on GitHub which serves quite well during the event, though the Internet connection wasn't really good. So, anyone please feel free to fork it for your city's BarCamp, BeerCamp or whatever, for example, BarCamp Hanoi Live.

I've legally stolen two T-shirts from BarCamp KL and Zenpipe, and few awesome Firefox stickers from Gen. Thanks! And by the way, the salsa was really fun to watch.

What a blast.