Kopi.JS in 2015

I personally find it amazing that Kopi.JS got started in 2013 and next year is going to be 2016. Even the last article I wrote was in February this year but somehow feels like a long time.

I would like to look back and see how we progress so far, one meetup at a time and one photo at a time.

There’s a total of 11 Kopi.JS meetups this year so here goes:

January 24th

Location: Chin Mee Chin Confectionery

Photo by Michael Cheng. Everyone’s looking at the other camera. Ignore the aunty.

February 14th

Location: Creamier (a little 🍦 and ☕️ there)

Photo by Joshua Koo.

February 28th

Location: Ya Kun Kaya Toast

😥 No photos, so putting here a nice photo of coffee for now 😜

Photo by myself, going to drink this cup of Kopi.

March 12th

Location: Amoy Street Food Centre

Photo by Valentine. Look at those smiles.

April 11th

Location: My Awesome Cafe

Photo by Michael Cheng

May 21st

Location: Selfie Coffee Singapore

Photo by Michael Cheng, again. Yeap, those are selfie photos on top of coffee. Drinkable.

July 18th

Location: Oberstrasse

Photo by Michael Cheng… 👍

August 19th

Location: Yahava KoffeeWorks

Photo by myself. Pretty bad angle shot there, I know.

October 4th

Location: Percolate

Photo by Michael C.. again?! 💁

October 31st

Location: Chin Chin Eating House

Photo by Lakshan Perera. I’m not there but luckily Tim Tams were there.

November 22nd

Location: Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Photo by probably… Thomas?

Tiny milestones

Yeap, for newcomers, first of many #kopijs meetups to come. And that includes next year. As always, I would like to thank everyone for joining the Kopi.JS meetups and take all these nice and memorable photos.

Happy 2016 to all Kopi (and non-Kopi) lovers 🎉

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