Kopi.JS in 2016

I wrote a “round-up” post last year: Kopi.JS in 2015

So I guess I’ll write one again this year.

There’s a total of 14 Kopi.JS meetups so here goes:

January 16th

Location: Revelry

Look at those cool elephants! 🐘🐘

February 1st

Location: Food Republic (formerly known as Palette)

That’s Guillermo Rauch in the red shirt.

March 12th

Location: Whisk & Paddle

😥 No photos 😔

May 28th

Location: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

So many people #theta360
Kopi JS FTW! #theta360

June 22nd

Location: Victory Restaurant

That’s me closing my eyes 🙈 Photo by Nazrul Kamaruddin.

July 16th

Location: Drips Bakery Cafe

Not a very good photo, but oh well…

July 30th

Location: Wimbly Lu Chocolates

Photo obviously by Michael Cheng

August 21st

Location: Big Street

Look at those prata’s… 😋

September 3rd

Location: The Bravery


Photo by Michael Cheng again…


And again…


The Kopi.JS crew? ☕️🤔

September 18th

Location: I am…

Le wild Jurvis Tan appears

October 16th

Location: Ya Kun Kaya Toast


Photo by MarkFull. And OMG… stickers on the tables! 😍

November 12th

Location: A Poke Theory

😥 No photos 😔

November 27th

Location: FabCafe

Yes, it’s true that some of us are not looking at the camera 📸

December 11th

Location: Auntie Teo Place

It’s always Michael Cheng who takes photos. Next time need to hire him as photographer 🤔

Tiny milestones

Went to my first @kopi_js meet up with @ongmin and met @cheeaun and @jin_ and loads of other developers! Woohoo!

— Jesstern 🕺 (@jsstrn) January 16, 2016

Meeting @rauchg the creator of socket.io @kopi_js 😸☕️

— Graphics Noob (@BlurSpline) February 1, 2016

Woot just got the new *pixelated* #kopijs stickers from @stickerhd 😍👾☕️🇸🇬👍💥

— Chee Aun ✨ (@cheeaun) February 5, 2016

Quote of the day from @cliener in @kopi_js chat https://t.co/5A9M2JAfdK 😱Which icons can you recognise?

— We Build SG (@webuildsg) March 8, 2016

.@kopi_js isn’t just great for meeting devs and designers in SG, but also awesome at bring me to places I’ve never been to before

— Jin (@jin_) March 12, 2016

Meet @webuildsg @sayanee_ @cheeaun @kopi_js at *THE* tech social event of the year. It's gonna be awesome! https://geekbrunch.sg/

— Engineers.SG 🇸🇬 (@engineersftw) April 6, 2016

A friend asked me what's @geekbrunchsg and I said it's like @kopi_js only with loads more geeks and loads more kopi. ☕️

— Jesstern 🕺 (@jsstrn) April 6, 2016

Thanks everyone! See you at a meetup @webuildsg, checkout talks @engineersftw and drop by with coffee @kopi_js 👫👬👭

— Geek Brunch SG (@geekbrunchsg) April 30, 2016

"You can survive in Singapore by just visiting tech meetups every day and eating free pizza." —@mbrochh

— Kopi.JS (@kopi_js) May 5, 2016

The story of our geek community with @engineersftw @kopi_js and lots of photos with cute notes by @cheeaun

👉 https://medium.com/we-build-sg/the-story-of-geek-brunch-singapore-943c3c99515f

— We Build SG (@webuildsg) May 9, 2016

#kopiquotes #justsaying Join @kopi_js slack now: https://kopijs.herokuapp.com/

— We Build SG (@webuildsg) May 13, 2016

Basically = is more vulnerable. The more = is appended, the better the equality check is .💥―@cheeaun

— Kopi.JS (@kopi_js) May 14, 2016

Woot, finally new #kopijs and #milodinosaur stickers from @stickerhd ! ☕️😍

— Kopi.JS (@kopi_js) May 14, 2016

Thanks @cheeaun for the #kopiJS stickers. So awsum. 🤓☕️👾

— 🙋🏻 Hui Yi Lee (@heliumlife) May 26, 2016

Today in KopiJS... :D no bicycle.. @kopi_js

— Min and her Cat (@ongmin) May 28, 2016

This is to remind me that imma #milodinosaur and I'd better keep coding to level up! @kopi_js

— 🙋🏻 Hui Yi Lee (@heliumlife) June 2, 2016

Finally #kopijs on my laptop!

— Nazrul is a mid life crisis (@nazroll) June 22, 2016

Introducing "Kopi Maker" https://kopijs.org/#kopi-maker #kopijs ☕️️

— Chee Aun ✨ (@cheeaun) July 12, 2016

Thanks @cheeaun for the #kopijs tee! ☕

— Jinny Wong (@shujinh) August 23, 2016

So what's the next logical step after stickers? Magnets. #kopijs 💥💥💥

— Chee Aun ✨ (@cheeaun) September 18, 2016

This is how we roll during our live podcast with @kopi_js t-shirt! It's been a fabulous 40 episodes 💕 Big thanks to YOU 🎤

— We Build SG (@webuildsg) December 10, 2016

Very happy I can still fit into the challenging "M" sized Milo Dinosaur! Thanks @cheeaun #holdBreath #proveWifeWrong

— choonkeat (@choonkeat) December 16, 2016

Stats on the free swags that I’ve provided for Kopi.JS from the beginning:

  • Kopi.JS stickers: 400 pieces (200 from StickerMule, 100 from StickerHD, 100 from Touch & Print)
  • Pixelated Kopi.JS stickers: 200 pieces (150 from StickerHD, 50 from Custom.SG)
  • Milo Dinosaur stickers: 100 pieces (from StickerHD)
  • Kopi.JS magnets: 30 pieces (from StickerMule)
  • Kopi.JS t-shirts: 3 pieces; 1 S, 1M, 1L (limited edition for the founders, from CustomInk)
  • Pixelated Kopi.JS t-shirts: 35 pieces; 12 S, 13 M, 8 L, 2 XL (from Cottony)
  • Milo Dinosaur t-shirts: 30 pieces; 12 S, 15 M, 1 L, 2 XL (from Cottony)

As always, I would like to thank everyone for joining the Kopi.JS meetups and hope that the swags make everyone happy 😊

Looking forward to 2017! 🎉☕️🎉

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